Crypto Hobos Pet Partners


We believe that every NFT or crypto investor is a refugee running from the real world to make a bright new Meta-Universe.

Making a twist we place quazy-real characters into a dark sci-fi world.
We all are just... CryptoHobos.

The most insane NFT collection ever!

8000 images are made from a combination of more than 200 traits, hand-drawn in a very specific technique invented by our artist name

We use blockchain technology to create outrageously beautiful art performance, giving birth to unique works of art in its pseudo-mental convulsions.


Peter A. Ferguson

Stephen E. Aberdeen

Glen J. Wallace


There are 8 000 people here who were real.
From the living world.
From the real world.
From the physical world.
Eight thousand names, eight thousand personalities.

They are assembled by an insane creator from the parts that he had and that he himself created for them. Now in the physical world they are gone, not a trace. All their sheets were burned and now 8 000 names have no home. Encased in their tokens, crypto hobos are just a name and a zodiac sign, given in honor of the crazy non-existent constellations of the heavens that they, with luck, will be able to see. Created for no one, glitched for no reason, cyber outsiders, crypto refugees are now wandering in search of a new home.

Adam J. Irving

Patrick W. Aubrey

Andrew V. Vermont

0% Minted

100 CRYPTO HOBOSes is set aside for community activations such as giveaways, sponsoring etc

10% Minted

All HOBOS are rockstars, but some of them are legends.
1 Legendary Hobo NFT giveaway for holders.

30% Minted

Toss a coin to your HOBO and someday he would toss it back.

50% Minted

All our HOBOS are dressed in madness under
the veil of destruction.
We initiate a merch drop to help holders mimicrate.
1 legendary Crypto Hobo giveaway for holders.

70% Minted

We are crypto refugees, so we never forget of those
who forced to leave their places.

First charity action. We transfer 5 ETH to

100% Minted

All CRYPTO HOBOS are settled in new homes. So they need to have beautiful animals like perverted dogs, disgusting cats, stuffed cockroaches, semi-automatic kangaroos and many other fractal creatures. Holders have a right to claim them. Community decides what animals to choose with instruments of HOBOCRASY.

Second charity action. We transfer 10 ETH to


We are a team of artistic people.
We believe NFTs are here to stay and will become the future of art created by a new generation of tech-savvy punks.